Imagine a life free from pain.


If the work of a physical therapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, yoga instructor, & chiropractor could be combined into one; Lisa Marie’s Thai Yoga Therapy wouldn’t be too far off. Versed in breathwork therapy, acupressure, massage therapy, yoga therapy and energy healing, each session is a unique blend of these modalities for optimal healing.


Imagine aging with grace.


Regular sessions drastically improves flexibility, reduces the impact of stress, maximizes range of motion, and keeps the body’s tissues and fibers soft and supple … like a well-oiled machine.

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Imagine physical, emotional, mental & spiritual freedom.


For individuals seeking to expand into new realms and break through old emotions and thought patterns that are holding you back from living a full life, consider experiencing Lisa Marie’s individualized intuitive blend.


Imagine complete wellness from the inside out.

That the flexibility gained from a regular 3-6 month yoga practice can be achieve in one hour long Thai Yoga Therapy session?


Lisa Marie has a 94% success rate of improving the state and condition of people’s lives?


Your body already has everything it needs to heal and be well?


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