"Lisa provided more insight and information on my body and why it was imbalanced and what I could do to bring it back into balance than any other health care practitioner."

38 year old female


"I haven’t been able to walk so well and pain-free for a long time. Thank you."

67 year old male


“I have never walked away from any sort of massage with such an overwhelming state of calmness, peacefulness and clarity that my session of Thai Yoga provided me with.”

29 year old female


"That was wonderful. Very healing."

38 year old male


"My monthly sessions with Lisa has been a great natural remedy, and one of the only remedies I've found, for my aching hip & shoulder pain. Not only did my sessions with Lisa relieve the physical pain I'd been experiencing but it also increased my flexibility and my energy!"

63 year old female


"I feel restored physically, psychologically, emotionally! I don’t know if I’ve
ever felt so balanced."

42 year old single mother


"Lisa Marie's Thai Yoga Therapy has been a great complimentary service to the chiropractic adjustments I receive. I find my adjustments hold longer & my body moves with more ease for many days following our sessions."

53 year old female


"Working with Lisa to increase my range of motion and balance my energy was a refreshing experience. She has a focused approach that was able to locate and release energy blockages. I recommend her service to anyone."

46 year old female



24 year female


"I feel like I have a new body."

42 year old male


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